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Find out where the squirrel keeps their stash!

You have 3 cameras, wired up to three TVs at your hideout. Each night, the squirrel leaves its home, goes to its stash, and returns home. You can place the cameras during daytime, and at night you can watch it run around. Can you find the tree that has the stash?


  • WASD: Move
  • Click: Interact
  • E (at night): End the night early
  • E (near camera): Aim <-- this one's not obvious ⚠
  • F: Speed up time <-- use sparingly, you could miss the squirrel!

What we know about the squirrel

  • it lives in the orange tree
  • it takes the same route every night
  • it visits one other tree, this is where the stash is


  • start by putting your cameras around the orange tree
  • if you wait around near the stash tree, you can shake it 
  • be nice to the squirrel
  • you can leave the night-time early, by pressing [E]

absolutely no jumpscares ⚠

This game was made for GGJ 2018, at the Reykjavik University site in Iceland. All development and design done by me, Jonatan Van Hove, with help from Marín Björt Valtýsdóttir, Torfi Ásgeirsson and Jóhannes Sigurðsson

External assets: Unity 2017.3, First Person DrifterOutline shader, Squirrel model, Clock model, Chair model, Camera model (modified), Lato Font


Update history 

v0.6 - Apr 20 - 2018

  • Fixed a lot of weird squirrel behavior edge-cases
  • Added rewind/fast forward feature for night time

v0.5 - Apr 19 - 2018

  • Improved tooltips (you can choose if you want to see Keyboard or Gamepad tooltips)
  • Fixed flicker bug when spinning 360 degrees
  • Tweaked zoom, walk speed
  • Added small environment improvements
  • Added French translation (Thanks Tyu)
  • Added mouse/gamepad sensitivity options
  • Added menu (press ESC, mouse only)

v0.4 - Feb 1 - 2018

  • Improved tooltips
  • Fixed overlapping trees in one of the scenarios
  • Added fast forward key (hold F)
  • Added Linux version

v0.3 - Jan 29 - 2018

  • Squirrel picks one of 10 random paths
  • Camera previews (when near)
  • Camera aim (hold E)
  • Lots of tiny fixes, and pacing tweaks

v0.2 - Jan 28 - 2018

  • Fixed fences (can no longer get over them)
  • Fixed squirrel going out of bounsd
  • Slightly increased map
  • Fixed broken TV A on OSX
  • Added controller support


Known issues 

  • The game has no audio 
  • You can't set mouse sensitivity, sorry :(
  • Use ALT+F4 to quit, also when you win 
  • The squirrel behavior is a bit wonky (fixed in 0.3)
  • Player sits inside chair (instead of on) (fixed in 0.2)
  • The squirrel exits the fence briefly, but re-enters (fixed in 0.2)
  • You can exit the fence by trying hard but really shouldn't (fixed in 0.2)


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NUTS_v06_linux.zip 29 MB
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NUTS_v06_win.zip 19 MB

Development log


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somehow the color palette and the way this game was drawn is very pleasing, cannot wait to play more into this. thank you so much for this experience!

(2 edits)

I love the concept and aesthetics, however I found a bit annoying that you can't shake the tree if you see the squirell climbing from far away. Also an option to quit the game would be nice ;)

edit: also I didn't find out that you can rotating camera as I see in gifs.

Great job anyway, keep it up ;)


Loved it! Sounds would be nice, (however I know you've already adressed that) maybe a level 2 or longer difficulty? Either way, it was really fun.

(1 edit)

Thank you! The squirrel picks one of 10 paths to take, so there's some replay value, but yeah, I'm working on it :)

Still, I absolutely love the idea of it, it's a really unique take on memorization and...spying? xD

Hi, :)

I try to run your game on GNU/Linux, but it doesn't work. I'm on Ubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS. I hope you can help to fix the problem, because I want present your game on my Youtube channel, only dedicated to gaming on GNU/Linux. ^_^

So, here is the message when I start the game in a terminal. I just change my path to "/home/(...)".

Set current directory to /home/(...)/Nuts
Found path: /home/(...)/Nuts/NUTS_v04.x86
Mono path[0] = '/home/(...)/Nuts/NUTS_v04_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/home/(...)/Nuts/NUTS_v04_Data/Mono/etc'
Unable to preload the following plugins:
Logging to /home/(...)/.config/unity3d/Joonbiz/NUTS/Player.log
And here is the part of the log who seems indicate the problem.

Fallback handler could not load library /home/(...)/Nuts/NUTS_v04_Data/Mono/x86/data-0xc48fae0.so
Fallback handler could not load library /home/(...)/Nuts/NUTS_v04_Data/Mono/x86/data-0xc4c86b8.so
Fallback handler could not load library /home/(...)/Nuts/NUTS_v04_Data/Mono/x86/data-0xc4d9120.so ....

The list of library missing is very, very long. In fact, there is only two library in "NUTS_v04_Data/Mono/x86" : libmono.so and libMonoPosixHelper.so.

Hope you can help me... ^_^ Thanks.

PS : sorry for my english. I'me not very confortable with it...

Y. "De l'Attaque du Manchot" Kadrek ---

Hey, I'm sorry about this but I don't run Linux anywhere so I can't debug this :(

I had one person running Ubuntu confirm that it works and I left it there. Sorry about that and I hope to get it fixed in the future. I made some new builds and maybe they work?

(1 edit)

Got to day 14th and didn't find it, I can't keep this game out my head. Will find it one night. I need to bring a wide lens I have somewhere at home. Probably for Camera A. Then I will move C and B heuristically. I know where to search, I know where to go. Hopefully the damm squirrel won't change the route every week...  

Really great idea - found the stash on Day 6

Night time never seemed to end, even when the squirel appeared to be home but pressing 'E' is ok.

Would only really be improved with some ambient woodland sounds and a proper end screen.

working on it! thanks for playing :)

The game is simple, but engaging. I could get used to the camera speed, but I would really like a simple exit command with the ESC key.

If not, at least add a brief "Help" window with F1, explaining the same command that you explain in this page.

Other than that, the game was quite good. I found the secret stash!

yeah I will add some basic UI for sensitivity and quitting soon, thank you for playing :)


Hey all, I just realized that I had comments turned off by accident, meaning I missed a chance to get feedback from a large amount of players and supporters  :(. If you see this and played the game, please leave a message. It means a lot! And donate if you can, as it is helping me to justify spending more time on this :)


Best squirrel game!